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Australian Taikai Online 2022

Organised by Australian Kyudo Association (AKA), the first all-Australian online Taikai was held between March 6th to 16th. Three states participated: New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, with a total of 37 members involved in the competition.

What is a Taikai?

A Taikai (大会), simply put, is a tournament. Generally it is often performed in groups of 3 to 5 people, shooting 2 arrows per person each round for 5 rounds (ie. total of 10 arrows). The score tallies up each arrow that had hit anywhere within the target set 28m away.

The state results as released by AKA is a neck-in-neck tie between VIC and WA, with both states' top 5 scores totalling up to 20, followed by NSW with a score of 15. Well done to the following Victorian practitioners from Melbourne Kyudo Kai (MKK) and OKM:

  1. Da Fang (OKM) - 5

  2. Miyuki Chiba (MKK) - 4

  3. Keisuke Kurata (MKK) - 4

  4. Kaoru Shimada (MKK) - 4

  5. Diego Leiva Ruiz (MKK) - 3

For individual results, Sean Koh from West Australian Kyudo Association (WAKA) in WA has achieved 1st place, and our very own Da has tied 2nd place together with Lee from Sydney Kyudo Kai (SKK) in NSW - some very good shooting done on the day!

1. Sean Koh (WA) - 7

2. Da Fang (VIC) - 5

3. Lee Lim (NSW) - 5

Well done to everyone that had participated! We eagerly wait for the next event.

See you next time!

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