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Odoguma Kyudo Melbourne



based in Melbourne, we are Odoguma Kyudo!

We are a not-for-profit incorporated association practising and supporting Kyudo, the martial art of traditional Japanese archery, in Victoria. Odoguma Kyudo Melbourne ('OKM') was officially established in February 2022 and affiliated to Australia's state and national associations, Victorian Kyudo Association and Australian Kyudo Association, but have been training casually since mid-2020 in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic whenever restrictions allowed for it. We are based at North Melbourne Recreaction Centre in North Melbourne and at Ambrose Archery Range in Heidelberg Heights.

As a club founded in passion, we hope to represent both the Japanese and Australian culture with respect and aim to bring the art of Kyudo to the public. We are a friendly dojo and welcome anyone looking to start their Kyudo journey. For more about us and about Kyudo, head to:


© Videography: @aoi_3847 Editing: @shifangphoto

CWC_0216 - Hadanugi
7960 - Yatsugae
CWC_0309 - Yatsugae
24837 - Tasukisabaki
CWC_0320 - Shai
CWC_0323 - Kai
CWC_0339 - Monomi
7920 - Ashibumi
Archery Target
IMG_9820 - Kai
Archery Arrows
IMG_9774 - Yumi
Mother & Child Shooting Arrows
Professional Archer
CWC_0134 - Kai
Archer with Bow
Arrow Quiver Bag
Wooden Bow
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For training times, how to join, what you can expect from Kyudo, and many more frequently asked queries, head over to our FAQ page!

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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